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caught the players getting on the plane headed for the pacific northwest. they are taking on the seahawks this sunday. the winner goes on to the super bowl. the players are on the way some fans are there. julie and mark are there as well. let's go live in seattle. how crazy is it with this game less than 48 hours away? >> more cold than crazy. >> standing out here, have to set the scenes. we're on a pier overlooking elliott bay on the seattle waterfront. behind me is the great wheel lit up in blue and green. beyond that is century lynx field -- century link field. there's a beautiful sight, has the number 12 in it lit up. there's so much going on. i like to take in the sights around town. mark likes to read the sports page. offender room service i like to see what the on piecing team and the newspaper is saying. the quote that jumped out at mow, russell wilson of the seahawks said that his team will have to play the absolute best football of their lives to win this game. obviously they know they are in for something serious. but of course they are counting on that well publicized 12th man
't like us. no love lost. >> the seahawks? they are going to be like this on sunday. >> we already beat them once. why not again? >> plenty of big talk from 49er and seahawks fans. now it is time to get down to business. >> good evening everybody i'm brian cooley. >> i'm ann notarangelo. >> and i'm ken bastida in seattle. a lot of anticipation over the last couple of days. today, this city invaded by thousands of 49er fans who drove, flew, and some even walks from the bay area all the way up the pacific northwest for this gigantic game that is going to go off tomorrow morning and you know what? people are pretty much ready to get this thing going. >> this is bigger than the superbowl for the players, for the fans. this is what it is all about. >> reporter: this isn't just a football game that has people talking. >> are we scared of the niners? >> heck no! sea hawks! >> reporter: it is a show down that has people talking to death. >> i will tell you right now. i love it. jeremiah. >> reporter: over the past three days in seattle, we have heard endless talk about the 12th man. >> we affec
against the seahawks. >> fans will and here at home can't wait. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm ken bastida. with that thing looming down over my shoulder and it is dressed in its green and blue celebrating the seattle seahawks. well, let the games begin, i say. san francisco 49ers have just shown up about 90 minutes ago checking into their hotel. and what a nice reception 49er fans who flew up today, who drove up today, showed up at the hotel to give the niners a great welcome for this battle in seattle. and fans had a lot to say about their team from the bay. >> oh yeah, i love that. 49er faithful are here. ready to beat the seahawks. oh man, we're ready, let's go. who has it better than us? nobody. >> on the other side of the coin, of course, you've got the seattle seahawks fans who really have made a name for themselves this year. these so-called 12th man. there are hundreds of thousands of 12th mans around here and we went out today to try and figure out who is the 12th man? >> everywhere you go up here, he's here. the 12th man. but who is th
was wired for sound. >> and they have a relatively short history, but the 49ers and seattle seahawks have developed quite a rivalry. >>> what a run it has been for the 49ers to get to the nfc championship game, with road wins over both green bay and carolina. >> in carolina, a real game- changer was the touchdown pass right before half time from colin kaepernick to vernon davis. sometimes timing is everything, and in that game, vernon davis was mic'ed up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> yeah, yeah, yeah! >> good! ♪ >> go! ♪ >> good catch, boy! that was amazing! >> don't worry about it! that's cool! >> my fault. >> don't worry about it. >> we're going to get it again. come on! >> that's touchdown, coach! that's touchdown! that was in! >> did you see it? did you see it? >> i didn't see it, but don't worry. >> did you see it? >> looks like you got it. >> i think i got two in. >> i thought you had two, too. i think you had two in. >> i think i did, yeah. i did my very best. >> that was a great play, man. that's a great play. >> there is a hole in the ground. >> huh? >> there's a hole in the ground, so
nfc championship to the seahawks. and it's time to y 'there s always >>> kaepernick ends up with crabtree as this game is over. >> literally in their grasp fir the the niners, they handed the championships to the seahawks. >> i'm ananias we have live coverage starting with ken bastida in colorado. ken, such a heartbreaking way to end the season. >> yeah, i agree. let's go back and look at it again. i don't like the outcome. can we do a doover? i guess it takes about 12, 15, 18, 20 hours to get over something like this. niner fans, it'll be better this time tomorrow night. a lot of 49er fans made the trip up here to the the great pacific northwest. after the game they took their defeat with class. >> yeah, let's bring it. oh! 40, 60, 80, 100. seahawks, seahawks. super bowl, baby. >> brokenhearted, depressed. >> how are you feeling right now? >> we'll be discouraged. >> we were close for three straight turnovers, but what can i say? >> that just killed them? >> that's right. it's an intense play to play. as a fan coming on the road and as a player i could not imagine that. >>
this blue jacket on. it matches the blue of the seattle seahawks. so we can actually kind of sneak in behind the scenes, behind enemy lines if you will and get our stories done. actually the fog that was here has blown out, which means it's windy and very cool up here tonight. but some san francisco fans showed up earlier today and, you know the area called pioneer square? the city of seattle has lost that area to san francisco. take a look. >> who's got it better than us? >> nobody. >> we fight, we fight, we fight some more. [ cheering ] >> i love san francisco. >> this is san francisco 49ers. >> where's kaepernick from? >> sherlock. >> where are you from? >> sherlock. >> going back and forth but it's all in fun though. >> it's a good time. a little trash talk here and there. that's what makes it such a great thing. >> i don't even know who the 12th man is. everybody's so nice out here when they see us. >> i'm looking at you and i'm going, uh. >> you're ready to suit up? >> ready to suit up. >> a piece of cake? >> a piece of cake. >> who's got it better than us? nobody. >> all right, so, ta
tonight. some fans are taking it in stride. others not so much. >> go niners. seahawks suck. you ac tually suck hard-core. go broncos. >> go broncos? what? >> better than un expected. onwards and upwards. >> reporter: seahawks fans were gracious in their victory. this is kind of a sad night right now. >> reporter: let's check in with another dan. dan joins us live from the mission district where it looks pretty somber there as well. >> reporter: we've had a lot of people here in the mission district. during the world series a little trouble but no trouble here tonight, just lots of disappointed fans. >> [applause] . >> reporter: with the 49ers taking the early lead, fans watching the game at the phoenix bar in the mission district were pretty confident the niners were heading to the super bowl. >> of course we knew we were going to win. we won every single time. it's redemption. >> reporter: no amount of calls for better defense could rescue the niners from what was to happen during the second half. while some took the defeat hard. >> heartbreaking. sad. next season. >> reporter:s
are fully filled in and super bowl xlviii's matchup is set. the seattle seahawks will meet the denver broncos after both teams battled it out on sunday. seattle seahawks fans known for being so loud they've caused earthquakes were out in force hoping to influence the game's outcome, and they did their best. it was a fairly close game until late in the fourth quarter. the 49ers saw their hopes for a return trip to the super bowl go up in flames with this end zone interception by the seahawks. >> picked off. this game is over. >> reporter: but the drama wasn't over just yet. a little dust-up between niners receiver michael crabtree and seahawks quarterback richard sherman led to some serious postgame trash talk on live television. >> i'm the best cornerback in the game. when you try me with a sorry receiver like michael crabtree, that's the result you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> reporter: both players quickly took to twitter over night william crabtree saying film don't lie. pull the tape of that game and show me where this guy is the best, #fake." sherman tweeted
a potential win or loss against the seattle seahawks. diesel buses will substitute the affected lines starting at 2:00. >>> the flu outbreak has gotten so bad the cdc says it it has reached epidemic status. that means the number of deaths exceeded what was expected. the flu has taken two more lives and bringing the total number to 23. the latest victims are two south bay women ages 52 and 62. >>> cal trans has agreed to take down nets that were killing federally protected birds in sonoma county. they are on the highway 101 bridge near the petaluma river. they were intended to keep the birds out of a construction zone, but they were trapping the migratory swallows in the mesh. en -- they sued to have the nets removed. >> the sendoff and the preparation for the big game. >> coach harbaugh's unusual name sake that is going for a different kind of victory this weekend. >> he has no idea i am coming. i am a little nervous. i haven't seen derrick in eight months. >> this mom's surprise visit home and her son's unforgettable reaction kaepernick lead the team on to the plane headed for seattle. the ni
that coming up. championship game. e seahawks interce >> there we go, so close but the niners come up short in the final seconds of an nfc championship game last night. the seahawks intercepted that niner pass to the end zone. seattle went to 23-17. niner fans stayed up late to welcome home their team. screaming fans carried them from the airport. they will be back for a team meeting this morning and clean out their lockers and then they'll head home for the off season. >> i thought they had it until the last second. >> a lot did. a lot of 49er fans made it to seattle. >> we talked to fans after the game for the niners and the seahawks. >> seahawks. seahawks. super bowl, baby. >> broken hearted. >> how are you feeling right now? >> discouraged right now. we were close, man. three straight turn overs. what can i say. >> three straight turn overs killed them. >> this is an intense place to play. as the fans and players, i couldn't imagine. >> that ending was hard to take. >> it sucked. it really did. >> from the heart, how are you feeling? are you crying, man? are you crying, bro? >> i bleed
jacket. there is a lot of friction between the 9ers and the seahawks. the 9ers, they just invaded this area here. the fans, they have been here for days now. you can see centurylink behind me. there is so much activity, marty. the game is still eight and a half hours away but there is so much activity in terms of bars. i can hear the music directly across the street. the police officers are setting up their last barricades before the fans arrive. there has been so much dedication, hard work, focus that went into getting to centurylink. and i am not talking about the 9ers. i am talking about their fans. >> who is going to go? >> reporter: before the battle on the field there is a battle of bragging rights at the bars. as soon as 9ers fans landed they were ready to show seattle that they are gold blooded. >> fantastic having all the support of the fans. 49er nation, baby. >> reporter: it's not hard to get lathered up with the owners of the 9ers is in front of a rally passing out towels. >> every place we have been there have been 49ers fans. they may not sell us tickets, but we have
gearing up for the nfc championship against the seahawks. how difficult it is to book trips to seattle from the bay area. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. right now, san francisco police are working with the fbi to investigate a bomb detonated by police that set off a powerful explosion inside a home in the outer snut. alex savidge is live with what we're learning about this investigation. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. san francisco police are working with the fbi trying to figure out what caused this huge blast last night. it's a very active investigation here as we show you. this is 46th avenue near judah. all of this blocked off by crime scene tape right now. you can see investigators going through the house trying to figure out what cause the this explosion -- caused this explosion last night. it was a suspicious device detonated by the bomb squad inside a house and the explosion rocked this neighborhood, blowing out windows at this corner market we're gonna show you. let me show you what it looked like inside the western sunset market after the blast last ni
the rival seahawks tonight. good evening. i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. i'm joined by larry beal biel. they fought and fought, and they couldn'tigate it gun. >> a lot of depressed people. this one stings and it's going to hurt for a while. the 49ers could not hold an early ten-point lead. the seahawks came back to win. they're going to the super bowl. the season is over for the niners. this has turned into a great rivalry. from the coaches to the players. fourth quarter, niners up 17-13. fourth and seven. russell wilson to jermaine kearse. niners needing a touchdown. richard sherman with a deflection of the colin kaepernick pass. kap had three turnovers in the fourth quarter, and the seahawks are the champions, going to the super bowl. mike is joining us live from seattle. hard to overcome three late turnovers. a very tough loss. >> well, there's no question, larry, it was a brutal loss, and a tough locker room afterwards. but as you mentioned, you can't turn the ball over three consecutive possessions in the fourth quarter against the seahawks in seattle and expect to win. colin
the seahawks. >> it is all about the seahawks in seattle right now specifically the 12th man, which represents the loud crowd. >> sounds like the town is going wild. >> i have seen a salmon with the 12th man on it. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: thursday it was easier to find the wacky than a 9ers fan. want to get married on game day? a shotgun wedding. >> they wanted to hurry up and get married before the game starts. >> reporter: buying thousands of seahawks napkins. >> 2,000 doughnuts. those are coming in. >> people will remember your napkins. >> i hope so. they will not be red and gold. >> reporter: the only red i saw was on this bag and in this girl's hair. >> i notice there is all most a red and gold look to that hair of yours, almost 49er colors, almost 49er colors. >> you can probably get a discount on red and gold. we are the seahawks baby. >> reporter: there are rallies scheduled for friday morning. >>> before december, 2013 was going to be an arrange year for pedestrian fayitallities. 6 people were killed. a 6-year-old was killed at polk and ellis. it is the highest number since
atraysed attention -- attracted attention. several coupled arrived at a street rally for the seahawks. the only clash was between the team colors. there's no place they would rather be. >> thinking of getting a ticket for the game. there's options. we checked stubhub. prices start at 400. on the high end $7,000. many fans are on their way. >> the doors open, the wheels roll, this is get away day san francisco st. bernard parish, international. >> the color red is all over. suitcases. atm even the cocktail sign makes you think 49ers. >> you're cruising through the airport. important to show the colors. >> yes. >> on the big board is the city of seattle. virgin employees dressed in ts and jerseys. >> have to take out the 12th man and root on the niners. >> a seahawks fan turned 49er fan. everything in this bag is 49ers. everything. i have my goal pants. >> it great to be surrounded by 49er fans. your name. tim horn. a 49er fan. a seahawks fan wanted to say something. so we let him for a couple seconds. >> i've been on business and hear a lot of smack. >> i'm a seahawks fan. >> we gave
. >>> the 49ers are in seattle preparing for sunday's game and the seahawks are doing the same. >>> an update on how ja high mc jahi mcmath is doing. >>> >>> the family attorney for the teenager jahi mcmath declared brain dead spoke with drown 4 today to update us on her condition. she went into children's hospital oakland for tonsil surgery and suffered complications that left her brain dead. tonight the attorney told us she this a new facility and doing well and responding well to treatment. her mother is with her, and the mother is happy and pleased with the progress and she's glad that children's hospital did not remove her daughter from life support. >>> the 49ers are in seattle and it is going rowdy. more on the story. >>> the impact of last year's increase to san jose's minimum wage. we'll share the results with you next. >>> stay tuned for inside edition! >>> new tonight at 11:00, several cities around the country have increased the minimum wage, far above the federal level. san jose went from $8 to $10.01 year ago and increased the wage to $10.15 on january 1. now a survey by a nonp
-10. seahawks super bowl back, let's go. >> i love i. jeremiah -- >> reporter: over the past three days in seattle we heard endless talk about the 12th man. >> we actually affected the game play man. loud and proud. >> reporter: we heard fans talk about what they see is certain victory. >> i think so. i think the 12th man will have something to do with it. >> we've even heard a lot of talk about a billboard. >> reporter: the niner fans have made their presence known. a little sore spot up here in the town outside the truck city's cb shot where their billboard is apparently been sabotaged. >> on sunday evening you guy are going to be very disappointed and go and drink a lot of anchor beer. >> reporter: but as nightfalls in sattable the time for talk is just -- seattle the time for talk is just about over. >> there's time to go out there. >> reporter: i can tell you from walking around downtown seattle 49er fans are definitely entrenched in this town. ready for this battle tomorrow. there have been a few choice spots picked out to view the game. a couple of places they are not allowed to
. >> and a seahawk and stanford grad steals the spotlight at the big game. ahead hear the post-game rant that has social media buzzing this morning, plus the response from the niner targeted in the tirade. >>> and happening today, the freedom train marking the legacy of martin luther king jr. is just a few hours away from hitting the rails. so will this be the last year ft bay area tradition? thanks for joining us on this martin luther king day at 6:00. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. let's go from those not so classy remarks by richard sherman to a classy forecast by mike nicco. >> some people don't like this one either, eric. it's void of rain once again and that's what makes it maybe a little distasteful but hopefully you're enjoying the warm weather while we have it. 44 degrees, that's our temperature this morning around the bay. the next 12 hours we'll hit near 60 at noon. mostly sunny this afternoon. near to record highs, mid to upper 60s and mid to low 50s during the evening hours. we have freezing temperatures, so light frost out there. we'll be in the low 60s by noon, fading clouds
>> the 49ers are in seattle this morning. as they gear up to face the seahawks tomorrow. we're in seattle too. with a live update on tomorrow's >> plus- pedestrian safety is a hot topic in san francisco. and now another person is hit while crossing the street. by a ride sharing car. >> the warm and dry conditions in the bay area could last a while. what the governor's drought designation means for you. >> good morning everyone, i'm marty gonzalez. it's satutrday january 18th, thanks for joining us. >> we are going to start off with a live look from our roof cam. you can see that it is a very clear start to the day. all so it is a chilly for the inland valleys. santa rosa is sitting at 30 degrees. more mild in san francisco. oakland is at 44 degrees upper '30's for san jose in concord is checking in at 33 degrees. we are inspected per another mild day and i will bring down your afternoon highs coming up. >> the 49ers are in seattle. they are getting ready for tomorrow's n-f-c championship game against the seahawks. it's being called the "battle in seattle." kron four's j-r st
kind of late and the server -- what did he write? go seahawks on our receipt and later she says we should have left $0.49 as a tip [ laughter ] >> we have been hearing a lot about the 12th man, but the 49ers have a whole lot of men and women up here, supporting the red and gold and i'm truly surprised -- maybe i shouldn't be at how many made the trek to the great northwest. with 49ers tomorrow, i don't know how many tickets they wound up getting whether that ticket hoarding by the seattle organization was going to come true, but i can tell you there will be some noise made by 49er fans in the stadium tomorrow. you know, you never know, they might drown out a few of those loud and rowdy seahawk fans. >> they were saying dish was talking to them about the loudness factor and said you can count on us to be loud tomorrow. >> they will be heard. >> we both have had a chance to meet people and talk to people from the bay area and i had a chance to meet one young bay area and a wish has come true for this young bay area man. he gets to see the 49ers right here in seattle. for brian ro
. the seahawks' ""12th man"" -- which is the fans -- are doing everything possible to make seattle a 49er- free we spoke with several of them-- who are bearing seattle's colors. they're calling today "blue friday." kron four's j-r stone joins us live now from seattle. hey j-r! >> we love of the seahawks. i even saw a salmon that had the 12 men on a. if you want a discount you should probably get that. >> well wait until you see them lowe's, i guess all of their stuff will be on sale too. >> we do have a crew in seattle and we are hoping to get a live look. >> we have a jackie e sissel live out there and we hope to get a live look. >> so far there are no delays or problems on the nimitz, george is following this. he will give you more details coming up. line >> welcome back. new video into kron four this morning. of that massive wildfire burning about 25-miles northeast of los angeles. thirty-seven hundred residents have been evacuated and do not know when they will be able to return. right now the "colby fire" is 30-percent contained. the winds are expected to be calmer today for firefighters b
championship game against the seahawks. >> the team buses left the practice facility a few minutes ago. headed to the airport where they will take a plane to seattle. >> julie, we heard you went to a seahawks pep rally today. bet that was interesting. >> we had to check it out. it is really starting to feel there will be a football game here after all. yesterday, got into town early afternoon, and a few 49er fans straggling around town and a lot of seahawks fans. today everybody out in full force, particularly the seahawks fans. it was a sea of blue and green. they did have a rally on. they were dressed head to toe. blue and green. we'll show you later what we saw. just to set the scene, we're near elliott bay, the great wheel beyond us, and century link -- century link field. it's a good place to be. we caught up with bay area fans who made the trip to seattle. >> feel the love baby, go hawks. >> go niners. >> let it go. 12th man pride greeted this couple after they became the first 49er fans to check into the grand hyatt hotel. the same hotel the 49ers will check into. they say this is a tri
the seahawks and the point spread will be short. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. by this time tomorrow night, we should know the answer to the big question even though 49er fans think they know it now. >> ben bass tee da is in seattle -- ken bastida is in seattle. >> reporter: you wonder if vegas -- why they're so accurate so much of the time and you wonder why fans are you know basically they speak from here and not from here all the time. and you also wonder why you know the players don't always trash talk before a game. because you know that's billboard material. i can tell you one thing. from being down at pikes market today and over at the needle for a little while, nobody's backing down. ♪ who do you think is going to win this thing? >> seattle. >> seattle. >> reporter: no way you can beat us at home. >> it's impossible. >> niners are going to do it. >> reporter: who's going to win this game? >> we already beat them once so why not again? >> my answer to them -- obviously we're going to win this game. >> we're going to take nfc championship back to san fr
and the pacific northwest is buzzing. andt(xd even though the rivalry between the niners and the seahawks is recent, that doesn't -9 it's not serious.e1 we have team coverage tonight with mindi bach of comcast sportsnet up in qseattle, but first let's go to nbc bay area's monte francis. he's in san francisco and the city is not takingÑi any chance tonight, monte. >> reporter: good evening.q u$a. muni is getting ready f/%y tomorrow by makin'( some chang toe1 its service. now, in the past celebrating fans have been known to climb on top of street cars and get very close to these overhead wires which are charged with electricity. gency is taking some of its street cars and alsoi] its cable cars outñr of service. the historic street cars on the f market line will not run tomorrow sook the overhead wire that power them can be turned off. also thet( iconic cable car lin starting tomorrow afternoon. safety is a concern,xdt( but sop vandalism, like w9u went crazyçói] after the 2012 w series, damaging buses and even setting ones7 on fire. muni's spokesman says they're expecting rowdy 49ers
short in the final seconds of the nfc championship game. the seahawks intercepted a pass in the end zone. niner fans stayed up late to welcome their team home. the buses pulled into headquarters a little before midnight. the players will be back this morning for a team meeting and of course those immediate interviews. we're at the headquarters this morning and the faithful fans out there last night, they really love their team, right kate. >> reporter: yes, they definitely do. what's not to love. the team will be speaking. undo you dod they will be arriving. to despite that heart breaking loss the fans were here last night covered in the colors waiting for their boys to come home and fans were not here for photographs but to just show support. there was certainly disappointment but dedication to a team. >> that's right. i want them to feel our love. i called my grand kids, no school tomorrow and that's why we're all here showing the team we love them. >> it's a pleasure just to be here tonight with all the other niner fans here in pretty much the graceland. this is it. this is the gracel
the seahawks, we are ready! who has it better than us? nobody! woo! >> reporter: yeah last night, wilson walker and i trying to go around town and find seahawks fans that were enthusiastic, we couldn't find anybody in the clubs, bars, hotels. this morning, however, things got really crazy. people started coming out and so did the 49er fans. they showed up too. some of them coming all the way from san francisco. andria borba spoke to some of those. >> reporter: well you know, i'm in friendly territory among 49er fans in full on mania at this point. with the hours ticking down toward the battle in seattle, for many niners fans it was time to check out some new gear. at the 49ers store in palo alto, the color of the day was red and gold. and time to start some new pregame superstitions. >> this is my good luck beard. >> reporter: like others, the team this afternoon, it was time to check into a flight. bound for century link field, jack was going out among the 12th man. hopefully, this jersey will keep him safe. >> i'm prepared for the worst. >> reporter: show jack may not have to wait until sunda
.f.l.'s top two teams, the dongo, and the seattle seahawks punched their games into the big apple. >> hi there everyone, and welcome to al jazeera. i'm thomas drayton. we begin with the upcoming syrian peace talks, in danger of ending before they start. on sunday the united nations invited iran to participate in the conference set to take place this week in switzerland. that invitation affects syrian opposition groups, threatening to pull out of the talks. they want iran's invitation to be rescrinded unless the current president steps down. >> the last few days have seen intense diplomacy over syria. this was moscow, a meeting the friends and allies. russia hosting the iranian and syrian frern ministers. the man from tehran making clear that his country was ready and willing to go to switzerland if invited. on sunday evening, after a round of last-minute telephone calls the u.n. secretary-general made this announcement. >> 40 ministers policemeninged that iran -- pledged that iran would play a positive and subcontractive role. therefore as convener and host of the conference, i decided t
's pass clinching the victory for seattle, richard sherman managed to tip the ball to a seahawks' teammate. >> that ball could have gone either way and if it goes either way, crabtree catches it and he made a terrific play. >> i didn't play the game well enough to win and i cost us this game. >> martian lynch played a big role, he ran for 109 yards against the 49er defense. >>> 49ers are back home but a large crowd of 9ers fans stayed up late to welcome them home. they are here from santa clara, good morning, alex. >>> good morning after that loss, a whole lot of 49ers fans to the training facility here in collar and they just -- santa clara, they just wanted to wish they will well for a great season. [applauds] [crowd noise] [applauds] >> reporter: close to 200, 49ers fans lined the streets and it was late last night and many were decked out in red and gold and they cheered the team on as they arrived after that brutal 23-17 loss to the rival seahawks in the nfc title game. as they drove out of the facility, some of them saluted this crowd. they were proud of what this team accomplished e
. >> the big game four days away, you ready? and the big roadblock beating the seahawks in seattle. they have arguably the best home field advantage in the nfl. the last two times the 49ers played up north, you might know, it was bad. they lost in a big way. the niners saying today the past is in the past. >> we have to play the very best football against a real quality team in a tough environment. we're spending more time thinking about that, answering those questions than going back six months or 12 months or 13 months. >> those games really don't matter at this point. we'll try to win this game to get to where we want to be. >> always got headphones on. they will fly to seattle on friday but we're there. andrea joins us from seattle. i'm guessing seattle is already buzzing. >> yeah, very buzzing. we actually got someone to drop us a seattle 12th man flag here. i don't know if we'll have too much use for it. head coach pete carroll has his team buying into the system and philosophy and helps the team prepare for each and every game. you can tell, though, that the guys are going to be really
numerous times. i've been in the stadium numerous times covering the seahawks for the last three years and it is incredibly loud in here. and pete carroll says he's so impressed by the atmosphere. >> i've been at the stadium in mexico city with 110, i know what that one down there. and a bunch of stadiums and indoors and all that, there's nothing like this experience here. fortunately we've been able to ride along with them. we've won a lot of games playing at home, which is absolutely instrumental. you've got to dominate at home if you're going to sustain. so fortunately we've got the best play to play. i may be a little biased by that, but i think the numbers bear it out. >> reporter: now the architect says the fans are the main source of the noise. ens in seattle. nbc bay area. >>> the season has not been easy and not without controversy. the legal trouble request olden smith has been well documented. he missed several practices while attending rehab. he was arrested in september for drunk driving. he also pleaded not guilty to three illegal weapons charges that stem from a party he
in seattle. the 49ers versus the seahawks, the big games hours away. fans are ready to party in san francisco. muni is pulling cable and streetcars to cars to guard against vandalism. as far as who is going to win? >> we fight. we fight. >> we don't like them. they don't like us. there's no love loss. >> we already beat them once. why not again? >> plenty of big talk from 49ers and seahawks fans. the big game gets underway at 4:30. >> stay with kpix for live reports all day long. >> you can catch the afc championship game between the new england patriots and broncos here at noon. >>> coming, up the star-studded white house birthday bash. the who's who on the guest list next. ,,,, ,,,,,,,, discuss private commuter shuttles. buses operated by major companies already oardings a >>> welcome back. this week, san francisco transportation officials will discuss private commuters shuttles. buses already provide 35,000 boardings a day in the city. now, there's a plan afoot to integrate them with muni. a metropolitan transportation authority will take up the proposal wednesday. >>> justin timberlake is
that may get too rowdy after a potential win or loss against the seattle seahawks. diesel buses will substitute the affected lines starting at 2:00. >>> the flu outbreak has gotten so bad the cdc says it it has reached epidemic status. that means the number of deaths exceeded what was expected. the flu has taken two more lives and bringing the total number to 23. the latest victims are two south bay women ages 52 and 62. >>> cal trans has agreed to take down nets that were killing federally protected birds in sonoma county. they are on the highway 101 bridge near the petaluma river.d toe intended to keep the birds out of a construction zone, but they were trapping the migratory swallows in the mesh. en -- they sued to have the nets removed. >> the sendoff and the preparation for the big game. >> coach harbaugh's unusual name sake that is going for a different kind of victory this weekend. >> he has no idea i am coming. i am a little nervous. i haven't seen derrick in eight months. >> this mom's surprise visit home and her son's unforgettable reaction this is the creamy chicken c
are taking on the seahawks in the nfc championship. niners fans are making sure san francisco is represented. abc 7 news sports anchor mike schumann is with them. >> what is the final score? >> the final score is going to be niners! >> the quest for 6. >> quest for 6 baby. >> what do you like tomorrow? >> very clear, quest for six. >> quest for 6! >> lets go niners! >> plenty of family down there in san francisco, tickets you know how they wept, stingy for them up here. quest for six! >> who got it better than us? >> nobody! >> they're excited. she'll bring us exclusive are coverage tomorrow, you can follow it on twitter @mike schuman. >>> muni wants to minimize the potential for trouble and damage during tomorrow's game, regardless of the outcome. >> i guess you got to do that if your fans are too rowdy and uncontrollable as we know them to be. unlike seattle seahawks fans. that's unfortunate. >> muni doesn't want a repeat of this when vandals smashed and torched two muni buses when the giants won in 2011. >>> niners fans to seattle, built a replica of the seahawks logo out of snow and invi
down the game. this one is not looking forward to this, to the super bowl between the seahawks and the broncos. >>> the warm weather is in for a little bit of a change. here's a live look at downtown san francisco and the trans-america building. our meteorologist joins us with more. what do you have? >> we do have some good news. we've been talking about how dry it's been, but as we head through the upcoming week we're going to go through a transitional stage that's going to set the stage for the potential for some rain here as we head for the last full week of january. we're not talking about any showers or any cloud cover for the most part. we will wake up to a fog-free morning tomorrow. it's a double barrel low pressure system that's eventually going to open the storm door. but in the short term of things it will eventually bring the fog back. but tomorrow will be a fog-free morning. it's not until tuesday and wednesday when we talk about the fog being more widespread. and by wednesday we'll talk about a chance for weekend showers. >>> and tonight, people living near a busy
and thinks it's no more dangerous than drinking. >> and the super bowl is set. the seattle seahawks will take on the denver broncos and their historic offense in the ultimate nfl game. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, january 20th, 2014. good morning. good to be with you on this martin luther king jr. day. i'm anne-marie green. this morning folks in tupper midwest are waking up to another round of arctic-like cold following a brief warmup. the subzero temperatures are moving down from canada and headed south and east. the effects are already being felt. lauren casey of our minneapolis station wcco has more on our frigid weather. >> reporter: here in minneapolis, the highs were 30, high by our standards. temperatures will plummet into the single digits here by lunchtime today, windchills to 40 and possibly 50 below by tonight. tomorrow night lows will be in the single digits in places like new york and philadelphia, highs on wednesday across the northeast will be in the evens and 20s, and only in the 30s as far south as atlanta. is this the return of the
you? >> the seahawks are the best. >> is that alcohol on your breath? >> the 49ers are going to seattle right now. they had no -- a foggy cool night. brian webb has more on the team as they left san francisco. >> the players are gone. the fans are gone. it was an impressive scene here at team headquarters in santa clara. let me show you a video from chopper five. in the san jose airport. the team going from separate but -- several luxury buses. they are in the air on their way to seattle. a day earlier than the usually go. some of the players came up with the idea. they thought it would be a good idea. and help the team to be together in extra day. they got a send off for football kings. >> they could hardly contain themselves. fans brother children. some brought their luckyks this the fans did their part too. >> brian webb, with a talk about the fans coming this way. also, the players coming this way. we had a team that came in last night headed by john york, the owner of the 49ers. i bumped into him today. >> it is not all about football? >> it is all about football
for joining us. >> i'm ann makovic. >> i'm phil ma matier. >> the seahawks game coming up. and talking about the drought. what does this mean for us? are we talking about mandatory rashtioning in the near future? >> it's also the 50th anniversary for the war on poverty in the united states. we're going to be talking about the bay area. take a look at some of our successes and where we've still got work to do. >> it's martin luther king jr. day tomorrow. a lot of people thinking about 9 day off. but we get back to the reason for that holiday. >> and is it going to cost more to take a drive over the golden gate bridge? there's a meeting this week on this. and coming up, how much that toll could go up. first a look at the weather. >> $8? >> yikes. >>> the weather forecast. it's another mild morning around the bay area. live look at the bay bridge. you can see the sun has come up. temperatures though staying down. santa rosa below freezing right now. 43 in oakland. 51 in san francisco. here's what we can expect for the rest of the day -- quite similar to what we saw yesterday. also, another sp
, the team came up short against the seahawks. die hard fans are still showing off their pride tonight as they wait for the team to return to 49ers' headquarters. and here is a live look from the airport in san jose where the team just arrived a few minutes ago. you see the buses there, that's where they are loading up and going back to headquarters. good evening. i'm ama dates. we have team coverage. sports anchor mike shumann is live in seattle. first, lilian kim is live in santa clara where the team is arriving home tonight. hi, lilian. >> hi, ama. the 49ers should be arriving soon, and waiting for them are dozens of fans here to give the team a warm welcome home. it was not the outcome they hoped for. they say they are proud of the 49ers for a hard-fought game and a great season. these fans are familiar with the team. they know they will be arriving by bus from san jose mineta international. while the fans usually don't get much more than a hand waive from the players they say it is important to be here to show their support and express their appreciation for a job well done. sure
come up short in the game with the seahawks will have the high life and more coming up. >>> and flu deaths on the rise. we're following the weather. we'll have a look at the forecast coming up. >>> good morning. it is january 20th. it is martin luther king holiday happy holiday, everyone. let's find out what the forecast is looking like if you have any plans outside. >>> a lot of people have today off. we are looking forward to another warm day around the bay area. we could tie some records. it will not be like last week. we're waking up to clear skies as we look from the roof camera. a cold start for sox of us. we're below freezing and 39 degrees now in oakland and 40s along the midpeninsula. into the afternoon it will be like i mentioned another warm day. mid-to-upper 60s and 70s will trickle in. and oakland 70. 67. livermore with a high of 69. clear skies. and overall. we are looking at very mild weather. the forecast shows that temperatures will start to take a tumble as we push into the middle of the week. we'll hold on to try whether and sunshine even heading into next weekend
quarterback facing down rabid fans who look a lot like seattle seahawks fans. on the making of the ad and its real message. >> reporter: it's a commercial forehead phones but the director says it's really a story of how we can cancel out negativity. >> you have to be focusing on what you have to do no matter what the situation. >> reporter: once colin kaepernick puts on the headphones his music takes him far away from the ugliness of the opposing fans. director paul hunter says kaepernick approached the shoot like he does each game quiet and focused and yes he does wear those headphones. >> he's a true warrior. >> reporter: did you notice the skyline, the fans, the rain, we're talking seattle seahawks fans many of whom are none too pleased to be portrayed like this. hunter says it really is a compliment to their passion. >> they pride themselves on being the 12th man so i think they have to own that. >> reporter: kaepernick his demonstrating his 21 d century marketability. marking prosser said kaepernick is an up and coming such star in the marketing world. >> he represents the new de
, there is one overconfident seahawks fan out there. >> and female announcer: female announcer: during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets, at low clearance prices. plus, get free same-day delivery, set up and removal of your old set. and through monday, get three years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry, this special financing offer ends martin luther king jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ up weather. a red flag warning going for the hills. it is going to be chilly to mild depending on where result of breezy in the hills. low 30s to mid50s. mike niko will be tracking another day of record heat tomorrow 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> sandhya, thanks. >> we will end with a seahawks fan who either has a crystal ball or maybe loose marbles. >> he was so confident that the seahawks would win the super bowl that he got a tattoo that already declares the seahawks champs, super bowl cham
francisco 49ers will have to deal with the 12th man along with the seahawks. more from what could be the loudest stadium in the country coming up. >>> then tonight at 6:00, beware of biting dogs. >> it's not the dog, it's the people. >> the unique problem and a famous bay area neighborhood. that's new at 6:00. >>> getting closer to gametime. the 49ers' quest for a sixth super bowl title. both the niners and seahawks continue to prepare for the nfc title game, while fans continue to dissect their team's chances. andrea joins us live from seattle, enemy territory, with more on how the seahawks are getting ready for sunday's game. >> reporter: yeah, it's probably going to be pretty loud here on sunday. you know, they've each recorded seismic activity when the seahawks have played here. and coach pete carroll was telling me that when he stands on the field on game day, he's so impressed with the 12th man and the atmosphere. >> here's what i'm come to think of this as. you couldn't pick a better venue to play a championship game. i mean, anywhere that i can each imagine than right here
's nfc championship game. the seahawks " 12 man " which is the fans, doing everything possible to make seattle a 49 are free zone. they're calling it today " blue on friday. " kron4 j.r. stone joins us live from seattle. >> i am out here and i told joy half-hour ago that i will try to find people in red, i did. , i did. this is sean. here is not necessarily a 49ers game. but he had read. he is from canada. >> in canada, they are such heavy sports fans. they are trading their tickets and they are auctioning them in assessed to very sums of cash. >> so, basically let me just put this in layman's terms. they are giving up their hockey tickets to come to this game? >> coming down in busload. the >> guest. they're coming down and bus lowe's to see this day. it is funny because we were previously chatting, sears way, i hope that san francisco makes it again. i love the city of san francisco not because i will wear red. >> the real reason, his wife is a big fan of san francisco and that is the reason why he has to back them up. >> they're coming down, the energy in this city they're coming fr
in seattle in the middle of the sea of seahawks fans, and our own ken. >> it looks like he has survived this venture into enemy territory and you have your taste firsthand of the 12th man. ken? >> yeah, it is pretty crazy up here a balmy 44 degrees. nothing like what the 49ers had to endure last week in the cold of the tundra and everything. here is what the seattle "times" has on its front page today. no longer a football game up here. it is more of a title fight. we'll talk a little bit more about that in sports think. i had a chance to go down to the fish market and talk to some of the local seattle seahawks fans,ened they were a lot of fun. take a look. >> who is going to win this game? >> so you asked me where i'm from. i said san francisco. do you have a problem with that, dude? >> i have no problem with san francisco, but i love my seahawks! kaepernick, you're going down, boy! >> dude where have you been hiding? >> all over the place, man. i was blend ing into the blue sea. >> i see you got your helmet on, so you're all set. >> this is my mask. >> extra large? >> oh, yeah, this i
for the 49ers. why some bay area families are rooting for the seahawks, for a good reason. that's next. >>> she's getting credit for rebuilding her life after a drug and sex scandal. prosecutors are dropping charges against former alameda supervisor nadia lockier. prosecutors are dropping charges against here. the charges stem from a 2012 incident when officers found meth inside the home where she was visiting with her 9-year-old son. earlier that year, she was resigned from the board of supervisors after a fight with a former boyfriend who exposed their affair and addiction issues. putin is creating controversy three weeks before the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics. he tried to defuse an issue, saying we aren't banning anything. but please, leave the children in peace. he's alluding people that gays may be preying on children. gay rights activists are protesting the olympics because of that law in russia. >>> let's get back to our 49ers coverage. a nervous mom in the east bay is getting ready to watch her baby this weekend. >> her baby is a star player for the seahawks. in f
this at north star today. a monster sized seahawks logo. all part of two rallies. support of their team by crushing the logo. this snow cat came in a couple of different times and there was a similar scene at heavenly. see you later, seahawks. >> i'm loving that. destroyed a seahawks. take them down and get them to the super bowl. we've got a very entertaining sports segment coming up. we'll have basketball and hockey highlights, and also, the number one story, the nfc championship game. it's less than 24 hours away. kickoff at 3:30 tomorrow. we'll take you back out to seattle and tell you why one of the 49er's strengths could be a weakness against the saw hawks. that's next. >>> guys are feeling nervous. the 49ers are less than 24 hours away from the biggest game of the season so far. they're in seattle and they have the latest on the 49ers final preparation. >> the fans are nervous, but they are prepared and that takes away any nerves. we know the work they've put in and we know the coaches tend to be paranoid, but what is it about this game they cannot prepare for, that they have to
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